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For iphone 4 Unlock Simcard

For iphone 4 Unlock Simcard
Product Detailed

Unlock Simcard For iphone 4
used for iPhone 4 4.1 and 4.21
no need to jailbreak to use
signal stability
power consumption


iPhone 4 4.1 and 4.21 can use the phone card technology services !

Latest dual sim technology, GEVEY alternatives !


Buy a card attached, send holster. (The cartoon is 3, 3 card switch )



Note: After each shutdown need to restart the SIM card out, re-operation of the above four steps.

The first step: Turn off the phone, the SIM card and the card cut a good paste into the dedicated slot, open the phone, the first not to insert the SIM card, unlock the screen immediately locks the boot into the desktop and into the SIM card.

Step Two: Wait for pop up a dialog box from GEVEY card stickers, pop-up and click OK, you need to wait for 15 seconds, the next step.

The third step: wait 15 seconds after the call 112, do not turn, immediately hang up (2 seconds), hang up after hang up the interface card in a few seconds, then return to normal dial-up interface, then open the set to enter flight mode (5 seconds).

Step four: enter flight mode to wait 30-40 seconds after the error window will pop up, indicating that SIM card is not installed, ignoring him, and left the flight mode. SIM card is now invalid prompt will pop up, still ignored, wait 10-20 seconds, returning to the signal appeared.

Note: After each shutdown need to restart the SIM card out, re-operation of the above four steps.

This chip has the following advantages:
1. No need to jailbreak to use, signal stability, do not pick the card, can not afford the signal, 2G/3G normal network switching, 3G, edge networking features such as MMS normal, Facetime normal activation.
2. Easy to insert and easy to take, does not appear in front of 1,2, 3, appeared on behalf of the slot could not pull the phenomenon does not affect the original appearance of perfect quality.
3. Can unlock baseband 01.59.00 02.10.04 03.10.01
4. A locked version can be unlocked, including the Japanese version, the U.S. version, the Korean version and all have a lock on version machines.
5. Simple, do not disassemble, without moving any hardware, MINI SIM cards do not need to re-cut cards.
6. Using SONY OEM factory PCB OEM flexible circuit boards, perfect quality, durable and strong.
7. A perfect match with low-power chips, power consumption low.

For frequently asked questions customer answer the following uniform:
How compatible? Dynamic generation of the mainland to use?
A: Compatible with more than 95% of mainland China phone card, in case the card does not apply to the operating room can be renewed card. M-Zone on March 15 after the update is not compatible with the phenomenon does not exist. The first shipment has been fully updated to the latest version!
The existence of dropped calls problem? Can I get back after dropping the signal!
A: There is no dropped calls. The reason people ask this question because second-generation mobile phones occurred in a non-perfect versions of themselves after dropping back. But the current approach has been different. No class this imagination. Lock-free version of the handset with the same!
Operation is easy to understand?
A: The use will be different from the past. Need to learn a little comfortable after use. The card into the phone, the phone will automatically pop up instructions. We just need to follow to use it.

Installation and the physical map: 


Overall, GEVEY card affixed to a successful solution to the current version of all locks IPHONE call problems, but also to ensure that the GPS, FACETIME, normal cellular functions such as use of cover versions of IOS 4.1,4.2.1,4.3. Signals are more stable in the loss of signal in the elevator, you can also automatically back again without rebooting.

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